If a fish is swimming around thirsty          the problem is not a lack of water    . . .


the thirsty fish
lift the veil
full of bliss
in this oasis
our home is elsewhere
in my country
find your treasure
the tragedy of not knowing
this world is diseased
heaven now
this world is blind
Master’s realm
don’t be involved
one’s own experience
this i the hour
not fair
holy clothes
the truth
the tree’s lesson
you can’t fight darkness
how shall i explain
river of love
the instrument
how will you reach
be conscious
the empty cage
you and i
soap of Knowledge
without commitment
next-door neighbors
where is that flute
the swing
drink nectar
the internal focus
in every heart
the inaudible instrument
the harmony inside
the ache
palace of stillness
dust from his feet
God is mine
the greatest giver
today is the day



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